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Legal Services for Overseas Pakistanis


OUR LAW FIRM provides Legal Services to Overseas Pakistanis, Foreign Nationals and  Companies

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Legal opinion

    Legal Services

    Legal Notice to Other Party

  • legal_notices

Management of Properties for Overseas Pakistanis in Pakistan
Overseas Pakistanis having any legal issue of management of their properties in Pakistan can contact our Law Firm. We will provide full Legal Support and Services for management of their properties in Pakistan.

Our legal services 

Birth certificate

(Original /duplicate)



Death certificate

(Original /duplicate)


Deed Writing and Registration of Documents:


CDA Plot Issues



Dealing with Cyber-Crimes(crime related to computer)

Domicile (citizenship)


Gift Deed



Legal Management of Property Matters


Passport and Immigration Offences


  • Remedy in Case of Cancellation of plot

  • dtcp-plots-sale-raj-7be84
  • Remedy in Case of Fraud

  • hand cugh....
  • Recovery of Possession of Properties

  • rea
  • Recovery of Money and Bad Debts

  • refffff
  • Recovery of Loans and Profit issues

  • profit
  • Renting out properties and collection of rent

  • ttttt
  • Sale, Purchase and Transfer of Properties in pakistan

  • sale
  • Succession Certificates (document in case of death)

  • 110326pic53
  • Tansfer of property through gift and Hiba

  • fhh
  • Transfer of property Through Fraud

  • the-hamptons-luxury-real-estate-market-is-booming-once-again

  • Translation of Documents………………………

  • translator
    Trusts of properties

  • property

  • Varasat naama (document in case of death)

  • virast

  • wills (waseeat nama)

  • will
  • Civil Litigation in Lower Court, High Court and Supreme Court

  • sup
  • Criminal Litigation and Defense

  • exxxxx
  • Inherited property issues (varasat ka matters)

  • inherit-house-discuss-family-getty_05d755cf167171e655c378c9b444a151_3x2_jpg_300x200_q85
  • Generel power of Attorney (for transfer of property and management)

  • at6tt
  • Special Power of Attorney (for court case)

  •  ssss

Settlement of Marital Issues 


Child Custody and Visitation Rights


Drafting of Family Settlements


Dissolution of Marriages,


Drafting of Divorce Certificate/ TALAQ NAMA


Divorce Effectiveness Certificate


Guardianship Certificate for custody of Minor Child



Marriage Frauds

marriage frauds..

marriage frauds....

Registration of Marriage


Registration of Divorce


KHULA through court




Unfortunately in Pakistan people don’t want to consult with Lawyers for drafting their Legal Documents. people don’t know the requirements of legal documentation, which creates the lot of legal complications for them in future. Always get the services of experienced legal expert for drafting of your precious Documents.

We provide legal services for drafting and registration

of all types of Legal Documents including:

  • Agreements to sell

    Gift Deeds

    Generel power of Attorney (for transfer of property and management)

    Special Power of Attorney (for court case)

    Sale Deeds (Agreement for transfer of property)

    Sucsession Certificate (documents in case of death)

    Varasat Nama (documents in case of death)

    Wills (waseaat)


No need to come to office for DOMICILE, just send us documents, we will deliver your DOMICILE at your door step


OUR LEGAL TEAM   appears for clients before all courts in Pakistan in order to fight on behalf of them, for both the plaintiff and the defendant, before all stages of arbitration panels and the various forms as well as representing them in all attempts to attain an amicable settlement with their opponents


Overseas Pakistanis all over the world faces
lot of legal issues regarding the management of their properties in Pakistan.

OVERSEAS can contact our law firm for management of their legal issues. Our law firm will provide them full legal services for resolving their legal issues. Contact us for help, support,  information and for further legal action.


Legal notice:


You can hire OUR services for legal notice to other party in different cases



If anyone has a complaint or problem to any office in Pakistan and need to discuss for solution and legal remedy. Call for information and Legal Help.

We are always ready to help you.

Legal Help

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