Consumer Protection act has come into force to protect the rights of the people of Pakistan after approaching the Consumer Courts.

After EXERCISING this law you can understand your power against the people who are violating your rights or who are ignoring your rights.

This information is just to create the awareness of Consumer rights and remedy to the People of Pakistan.

Generally, we come across products in markets and superstores, which seems doubtful in nature and we often question their quality and composition.

Several products have no manufacturing or expiry dates mentioned on them.

Certain products, like imported chocolates, taste bitter, yet their expiry date isn’t clear. At times, these products are sold to consumers without being given a proper receipt (showing the name of shop and the date of sale).
Similarly, if a customer gets ill by taking food from restaurants. A fine has been made with respect to liability of restaurant arising out of defective food products and faulty services.
THIS law includes liability for defective products, defects in construction or composition, defects in design, defects because of inadequate warning, defects because of non-conformity to express warranty, proof of manufacturer’s knowledge,
LAW also describes to the manufacturer or trader shall display prominently in his shop or display center notice specifying the retail or wholesale price, as the case may be, of every goods available for sale. This would ring bells in your minds. Do we normally see such lists in shops that are approved by the government?
In case of not displaying such lists, these traders indulge in malpractices like overcharging.
Law further puts an obligation on the manufacturer or trader to the purchaser by issuing a receipt showing, the date of sale, description of goods sold, the quantity and price of the goods, and the name and address of the seller. Once again,

A question arises in this situation that:

How many restaurants and retail outlets, are we given a proper receipt that fulfils the above-mentioned criteria? Almost all the major bakers and confectioners never issue a clear receipt. This is, indeed, CLEAR violation of the Consumer Protection Act.

In short, the law is clear and hard, but DETAIL AND INFORMATION to the general people. What needs to be done is that we as general consumers should become more aware of our surroundings and report these matters to the proper authority, so that unprofessional conduct at different levels can be avoided.



You can file cases against

1.Case against shopkeeper on over charging

images (17)

2.Case against manufacturers

images (18)

3.Case against wapda,sui gas,etc


4. Case Against contractor/builder

images (19)

5 Case Against faulted service

images (21)

6.Case Against Mobile companies

mobile lega


7 Case against travel services


8.Case Against substandard material


9.Case Against substandard item

images (25)

10.Case Against courier service

air vcashe

11.Case Against bus terminal


12.Case Against faulted refrigerator


13.Case Against ice cream factory

images (26)

14.Case Against sub standard bread


15.Case Against faulty ups

ups 123

16.Case Against dry cleaner

images (28)

17.Case Against Pepsi


18. Case against coca cola



19.Case Against PTCL



20. Case Against battery



Some situations given below related to Consumer Protection Act


Demages of RS. 17000 on Defective Laptop

In the Court of District & Sessions Judge/ Presiding Officer District Consumer Court. Vs SDC Computers. Order for the recovery of money, damages and other expenses.

Damages of RS. 30000 on Defective furniture

In the Court of District & Sessions Judge/ Presiding Officer District Consumer Court. Muhammad Ramzan V/s Furniture shop. Complaint against supply of sub standard furniture items and recovery of amount as well as damages


Damages of RS.12000 on Defective Motorcycle.

In the Court of District & Sessions Judge/ Presiding Officer District Consumer Court Muhammad sameem V/s Motorcycle Company etc. Ex-Parte Order Muhammad Sameem, hereinafter seeks decree for compensation and damages against the respondent on account of the faulty service provided to the petitioner


Fine RS.2000 On Defective shoes 

In the Court of District & Sessions Judge/ Presiding Officer District Consumer Court. ijaz V/s  Shoes Factory , Lahore. Ex-Parte Order and fined to Shoes Factory . According to the facts the petitioner purchased the shoe from the respondent. After some time the soul damaged.

cooking oil

Cooking oil company fined Rs. 1200/

IN THE COURT OF DISTRICT CONSUMER COURT Rawalpindi Asim Mukhtaar VS Manager  cooking oil.   JUDGMENT: Complainant filed complaint under the Consumer Protection Act; against the respondents in which he has alleged that  he purchased Cooking Oil in in plastic bag there is fungus in it.Court ordered for demages of RS.1200/


Fine RS.5000 against Faulty UPS

In the Court of District Consumer Court,
The complainant said that he purchased UPS from a big shop. the price was fixed RS.25000 including battery, but both were not in working condition, after that shopkeeper was not willing to return my amount.
JUDGE ORDERED FOR FINE of RS.5000 to shopkeeper


Damages Of Rs.,225000/ Against Contractor

Complainant  filed complaint under Consumer Protection Act, against the respondents in which he has alleged that he signed agreement with contractor for construction of his house, but after 6 month the contractor refused to start construction. JUDGE FINED THE CONTRACTOR RS.225000.

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